“This resolution leaves it up to the Legislature entirely. If it passes at the ballot, the Legislature can regulate women’s health care however they want,” Baldwin said. “My grandfather was an OB/GYN, and I think he would be horrified that politicians would get between him and his patients. I don’t know any West Virginians who think we shouldn’t protect the life of the mother. Since this resolution didn’t include that, I couldn’t support it. If this does go to the ballot, it’s time to have a serious dialogue as a state.”

Several advocacy groups issued statements following Friday’s vote. Margaret Chapman Pomponio, executive director of West Virginia Free, condemned the resolution.

“This vote shows that for certain hardline West Virginia politicians, advancing their ideological agenda is more important than a woman’s health or her family’s economic security,” Pomponio said. “The West Virginia constitution protects all our rights — but these lawmakers are taking the radical stance that would change it to take health care decisions away from low-income women. West Virginians want good jobs and healthy families, not more attacks on women’s health coverage.”