Abortion Resources

West Virginia Abortion Resources 2023

 In September 2022, the West Virginia Legislature and Governor enacted a ban on abortion with very limited exceptions. As an education and advocacy organization, WV FREE provides information, but does not offer legal or medical advice.

The Ban

State-sanctioned exceptions to the ban include:

  • To save the pregnant person’s life;
  • To preserve the pregnant person’s physical health;
  • If the fetus is not expected to survive the pregnancy;
  • Rape and incest victims may obtain abortions at up to eight weeks of pregnancy but would be required to make reports to law enforcement. Victims who are younger than 18 or incapacitated adults may have until fourteen weeks of pregnancy.


  • It’s legal for you to leave West Virginia and get an abortion out of state.

AbortionFinder.org features the most comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified)  abortion service providers and assistance resources in the United States which can be found at https://www.abortionfinder.org/

Plan C Pills

Some people are managing their abortions safely at home with pills. You can visit Plan C Pills to learn more.


You may also learn how to safely and effectively manage your medication abortion by attending one of our monthly SASS Trainings. Email info@wvfree.org to learn more about our upcoming training opportunities and how to get registered.

West Virginia-Based Financial Assistance

Women’s Health Center of West Virginia operates the West Virginia Choice Fund and can potentially offer financial assistance. They can be reached at 304-344-9834

The Holler Health Justice abortion support hotline can help Appalachians seeking abortions with financial assistance, transportation, lodging, and more. Call 1-833-HOLLER-WV (1-833-465-5379) and leave a voicemail for their case managers. Include your name and phone number, and whether or not it is okay for Holler Health Justice to leave you a voicemail.

National Financial Assistance

The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) is an organization that can help you find ways to pay for an abortion. They have info on how to get support, as well as a list of every abortion fund in each state across the country, which you can find at https://abortionfunds.org/need-abortion/

The National Abortion Federation Hotline can provide information and support for abortion that is factual, confidential, and non-judgmental; give referrals to quality providers and funding sources; and provide assistance for people in difficult situations. To receive financial assistance, call 1-800-772-9100 and be sure to stay on the line; the NAF has limited staff and receives many calls, so wait times can be long. You can also visit https://prochoice.org/think-youre-pregnant/naf-hotline/

Additional Resources, Counseling, and Support

All-Options Talkline at 888-493-0092, or visit www.all-options.org

*Disclaimer: This page is not meant to offer medical or legal advice.*