Our Work

WV FREE is the state’s leading reproductive health, rights, and justice organization based in Charleston.

WV FREE has been advocating for comprehensive reproductive health access and education for all West Virginians since 1989. Our work is centered in our respect for people’s complex lives. In a state that has banned abortion, with very narrow exceptions for rape and incest, we are utilizing a multi-pronged approach that allows us to meet people where they are in their journey through our educational outreach, community events, and providing free contraceptives to individuals and organizations.

We offer monthly self-managed abortion trainings, both in-person and virtually. We strategically engage and educate current and future voters on reproductive health issues, while working collaboratively with like minded organizations and leaders to identify pathways to expand access to reproductive choice and quality care inside a state that desperately needs it.

We take a long view of advocacy, and intend to build power to create a West Virginia that recognizes the dignity of all people. We have strong partnerships across the state and country, and are regularly called upon as thought leaders in the movement.